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Society of Egyptian
American Professionals

SEAP is where talented individuals meet opportunity. We help bring together a group of professionals from different industries and disciplines that are well rounded and can contribute to their peers and to the community at large. At SEAP, Egyptian Americans meet to network and collaborate -- and that drives us to excellence. We are constantly improving by growing our network, helping our members find opportunities, and giving back more than ever to our diaspora.

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About SEAP

SEAP is a non-profit organization that operates in the Washington, DC area and Egypt. It seeks to provide a platform for Egyptian Americans from all around the country to benefit themselves, their diaspora, and the community at large. The SEAP community aims to inspire, empower, and enable Egyptian American youth by focusing on professional development, community engagement, and knowledge transfer.

Networking Opportunities

Establishing a high quality network of Egyptian American professionals, SEAP is our diaspora’s first ever platform dedicated to professional development and career advancement. Our network spans from aspiring young professionals and entrepreneurs to industry leaders and innovators.

Social and Professional Gathering

SEAP organizes networking events, workshops, conferences, and professional development programs that reflect the interests of our members. Work with peers and mentors to develop your skills and help others develop theirs in a culturally familiar and trustworthy environment.

Career Advancement

At SEAP, you will meet people who can help you plan your next career move or surface a new business or professional opportunity. Tap into a network of subject-matter experts in different industries and professional disciplines that you can engage and collaborate with.

Inspiring Future Generations

Our platform allows for established Egyptian American professionals to support young talent, and for aspiring young professionals to connect with prospective mentors and role models. Contributing to the professional advancement of Egyptian youth is at the core of SEAP’s vision.

How To Get Involved?


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Attend Upcoming Events

Mark your calendar and experience SEAP first hand. Meet the wonderful people that make SEAP what it is.


Leverage the connections developed at SEAP to advance your professional goals and contribute to our community.

Spread the Word

Share SEAP events with your network and invite others to join us. We are always growing our network of professionals.

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About Our Team


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